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Jay Risher

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Richard Scott

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       So a little bit about myself, I have been self employeed designing, building and selling pools for over two decades. With that comes a lot of life experiences in the construction industry. I am a family man with three children and a beautiful wife. I first came to know Disc Golf during COVID when my cousin introduced me to the game. I immediately fell in love with it. It was a great way at my age and with my busy schedule to spend time with my family and to play with and make new friends. I can say that after that day i went home and bought 4 disc with carrying bag and a practice basket. I thought i was set then but did not realize how bad I got the itch for Disc golf.  Six Months later my cousin brought to Prince George County Parks and Rec the Proposal for a Disc Golf course in the county. When they told him to come up with a plane he immediately had to bring me in knowing how much i loved the sport and how much coverage i watched. You would think that my construction back round would have been the reason he called but when you watch as much coverage as i have of the sport you tend to pick up a few things. Fast forward 13 months with the completion of the course at Scott Park it was finally time to show Prince George what disc golf was all about.  With the course being done it was time to look towards the future and create a club that would grow the sport as well as be involved in the community. So here we are after many conversations with my cofounder and cousin Richard Scott, we are excited to bring you Pine Valley Disc Golf Club. Can’t wait to meet people threw the club events and activity’s so let the disc fly and I’ll see you on the course.

        So you want to know a little about me right, well here we go. I have a beutiful wife and six kids yes i said six. I have been playing disc golf off and on for over a decade and really never thought much of it until COVID hit. I ended up taking my cousin Jay Risher and his wife and my wife to go play a round of disc golf. I had plenty of disc and it was free to do especially with all the social distancing that was being done. With my cousin’s enthusiasm it just brought a new pattion to me for the sport i started watching coverage on you tube (not as much as Jay did) but enough to know i had the itch bigger than ever. I mean we were playing rounds every chance we got. Sometime 3-4 times a week with multiple rounds in a day. We just kept playing its like that seen in Forst Gump where he keeps running but we kept throwing disc. Between the both of us in 6 month we played every course in Richmond many times over and started branching out to Williamsburg and Newport News to Fredericksburg. After going to all these course i realized there was not one close to my house even my cousin had a course that was 8min from his house and i had to get one put in near me to. So i reached out to Prince Gorege county Parks and Recreation and proposed the idea of putting in a course. Low and behold 13 months later and several conversations with my cousin and Keath from parks and recreation. It was accomplished a legacy builder a new 18-hole disc golf course named Pine Valley at Scott Park. I was so pound of what we accomplished we had to keep it going. From talking to the schoolboard to get it in to the PE classes to a summer program for kids to come learn the game of disc golf. To creating a disc golf club that not only brings people together but to grow the sport within the community. So, I can’t wait to see everyone out on the courses and let the disc fly.

Our Vision & Mission

we are dedicated to growing the sport of Disc Golf and bring it to the forefront for the youth.

Awards & Recognition

we have been Recognized threw the Prince George county Parks and Recreation as well as the Superintendents of Prince George County for the designee and building of Pine Valley Disc Golf course at Scott Park 

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